Vegan RV Cooking: Hubby’s Turn to Cook

Ben usually limits his cooking skills to opening a can of spaghetti sauce and boiling noodles – tossing in a bit of TVP or fakin’ bac’n bits, 936709_10201410776380694_189332005_nItalian dried herb mix, and a dash of garlic powder. Since we’ve still not figured out what’s wrong with the stove (probably nothing wrong with it, just a whole lot wrong with us HA!), I’ve not had a break from cooking since we’ve moved in. But alas, that all changed tonight when my husband took hold of the reigns and became a “real man” operating the BBQ! Oh-so-proud I am… Of course, I seasoned the veggies, and had premade the seitan, but still he sat outside patiently waiting for the veggies to cook and took control of the whole dinner making process.

Still dealing with vertigo, so Ben also did all the dishes for me today, which I admit was a larger amount than usual with having used a fair few dishes last night when preparing dinner. Felt right spoiled I did, and am now sat on the sofa relaxing trying 423959_10201410738779754_1297280609_nto keep as still as possible watching Practical Magic for the upteenth time (one of my fave movies). How sweet Ben is to put the DVD on and sit through this… again. As I told Ben earlier, had I had a night of wild partying, I’d understand this as being a “hang over”, but no such excitement to create this spinning turn of events. Oh well, let’s hope tomorrow things will be a lot more.. er… still.

Ezmi found a new place to chill out this morning too… in the kitchen sink. “Daddy” had to grab the camera to snap a photo of his baby girl. 🙂

But back to dinner… I sliced (in half vertically) zucchini’s, sliced tomatoes – sprinkled 426752_10201410744019885_573287685_nliberally with some vegetable oil (if you’ve extra virgin olive oil, you can use that too), some salt and pepper, then some garlic and onion powder. In a big bowl, I mixed some left over steamed rice with chopped green beans, diced red pepper, diced onion, diced garlic (3 cloves) and some ginger diced super fine. I sprinkled a little sesame seed oil, a little vegetable oil, a little salt, 5236_10201410749020010_1066302045_nand tamari and tossed that all together really well. Then I put it in the middle of a large sheet of aluminium foil and wrapped it up securely. Finally, I used the last of the seitan, which I sliced and then drizzled a bit of vegetable oil over it. All this went onto the BBQ grill. Oh my heavens, it was absolutely heavenly! I’ve never had BBQ’d fried rice before – that’s the only terminology I could think of to describe it – but oh my… delicious. And the zucchini and tomatoes… I could literally eat only that for the next little while, I was in heaven!970121_10201410739459771_1297854532_n

Just as Ben was taking everything off the BBQ a jackrabbit came by really close (well… close-ish) to him. I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots from the kitchen window. I was literally gobsmacked by that visit. Absolutely amazing to me. Nature… WOW! Well, I guess having a compassionate BBQ gave it some confidence… lol


945156_10201410740539798_1731521552_n  431139_10201410745139913_1516885180_n 401912_10201410743819880_1153895873_n 263316_10201410743019860_1199354936_n




2 thoughts on “Vegan RV Cooking: Hubby’s Turn to Cook

  1. Sounds wonderful! Well, everything but the vertigo. I hope that goes away for you soon.

    We had veggies on the grill last night, as well. So good!

    • Oh it sure was Molly. Wait till you see tonight’s meal. My mouth is still singing a happy song for it. 🙂 The vertigo was horrid. Thank goodness today was much better. Veggies on the grill… Ummmmmm soooooo good! 🙂

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